No Medical Exam Insurance – How to Buy Life Insurance without Undergoing Medical Exams

If you are looking for a good insurance plan that guarantees financial protect to your chosen successor in the event of your loss of lifestyle, but want to avoid the hassles of a standard insurance plan, which requires you to go through a healthcare analyze, opting for the no wellness check insurance plan lifestyle protect is a good idea.

Why Most Organizations Need a Medical Exam

Most insurance plan companies require individuals to go through a healthcare analyze, as this validates the medical condition of the candidates and ensures the company’s interests are safeguarded. Most insurance plan companies require insurance plan candidates to go through routine wellness tests, like a blood analyze, hypertension, weight and height and answer a few concerns about their wellness background, so risky diseases (diabetes, HIV, kidney disorders etc.) that affect mortality rate, can be taken into account for deciding plan premiums.

Life Insurance Options for People Who Don’t Want To Take a Medical Test

If you find the thought of undergoing actual examinations for purchasing insurance plan intrusive or inconvenient, you have the option of purchasing no wellness check insurance plan, instead of the standard plan.

There are many insurance plan companies offering a variety of programs with different amounts of coverage assured to plan buyers, which will not have the applicant to go through an actual examination, though the current wellness of the applicant is taken into account.

If you belong to the category of people with serious wellness issues, you can contact reputed insurance plan businesses that provide lifestyle insurance plan with no healthcare examinations, though you will probably have to buy it at a higher premium cost, since these are typically lifestyle protect programs with graded loss of lifestyle advantages. This means, the no wellness check insurance plan will only need that you respond to some a quick question about well being and the company will provide you with their wide range of loss of lifestyle benefit programs. At this stage, you can discuss various factors, like term protect, add-on guidelines, riders in the guidelines offered to you etc. so you can bargain with your insurance plan broker for the best cost-modified, affordable plan.

Also, keep in mind that most guidelines offering you a no actual examination stipulation may have a typical 24 months patiently waiting period till you can claim any advantages from the plan. However, the advantage of these guidelines is the high payout given to successor during the patiently waiting period (100% loss of lifestyle benefit amount) for accidental / accident loss of lifestyle, even if it occurs in the first 2 years.

Benefits of Buying a No Medical Exam Insurance Policy:

Simple, quick and fast processing of insurance plan documents, since no time-consuming tests are involved
Time-saving option, since no doctor’s visits, awaiting clinical reports or re-organizing your daily timetable is required
Available at lower premiums payable on a monthly basis for adults who can answer simple wellness concerns competently
No patiently waiting period engaged, since full dental coverage programs is ensured from the first day of purchasing policy
Most established insurance plan companies provide this insurance plan with a money-back guarantee so there is no risk involved
Enhances your existing lifestyle protect or that offered by your employer

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