Medical Intuition to Heal Permanently & Reach Success

Healthcare Intuitive Technology, or Healthcare Instinct, is a science that uses one’s abilities to tap into you natural intellect and knowledge, as well as the capability to listen to- and understand –the simple power alerts, regularly transmitted from the bodies defence mechanisms and survival power.

Traditionally, Healthcare Instinct, can be divided in two parts, the beginning relates to the process of performing a scan of one’s body program & power field (or aura), in order to sense, more on a general stage, prospective power prevents or blockage of power, and to recognize prospective dangerous mobile remembrances, possibly relevant to health challenges.

The 2nd aspect requires a further degree of intuition and medical psychic capability, needed to recognize on a much further stage, the real cause, the root, relevant to a prospective power block and underneath unconscious dangerous styles, with the ultimate goal of clearing them, to promote complete treatment or breakthrough.
I would like to point out the proven reality that everybody, was born with some user-friendly capability, however, not of the same stage though, actually, some may be more sensitive and user-friendly than others, and only few are really conscious on a further stage, of having this gift and how to use it to identify/dissolve/ heal physical/emotional prevents and adverse styles.

Having been a Healthcare Intuitive for, as long as I remember, since I was a child, –(first memory I have got goes back to age 4 and half), and with 18 + years of using this technique successfully on myself and others, I am a firm believer that, since your physique program was developed by your Soul, which is best suited, then also your physique program was developed ideal & whole, and it remained ideal until… the conditioning, either already received during the time you still were in your mother’s uterus, or soon after your birth, infected that radiant perfection & wholeness of our bodies, unfortunately contributing to the creation of injury & dangerous mobile remembrances, resulting later in possible present psychological and actual issues.

I would like to remind you that your own bodies defence mechanisms, which has a natural intellect, is totally still connected to the best Soul that designed you.
So basically, in a few words, what Healthcare Instinct treatment is able to do for you, is reading and decoding the bodies instability on the inner stage, then restoring our bodies and mind to their original wholeness.

As a medical psychic, I also am conscious of,… and have no doubt… that, what we call diseases or just actual issues or symptoms, (either chronic or temporary)- are not adverse results, as we have been programmed by the medical establishment and by our society, to believe to. You will be surprised to find out they are nothing more than just loving messages coming from your physique program, as a way to trying to get your interest, to show you how and when the treatment needs to happen,… they are just a short-term (unpleasant result …) they are not meant to be the ultimate results.

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